Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Llandudno and Art

One of my purchases...

Since I was a child, I was asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up', it was either an artist or a train driver, I used to think I was great slapping the paint on an A board when I was in class, and the teacher pushed me on confidently nodding her head. Funny though how things turn out, I never made myself as a train driver, the novelty worn off after i'd had the Hornby train set one Christmas, and in highschool, I just couldn't seem to make the standard, I struggled to master the fluid movement of a brush, either that or I was impatient. I eventually dropped Art and chose Graphic Design instead, and even still I ended up with an E grade which I partly blame the teacher never being there, to top that I later found I was partially colour blind. Against the odds, I somehow ended up several years later as a graphic designer, and I realised I am an artist afterall, of the digital kind.

Art is an amazing thing, it's a gift you either have it or you don't, though I have no interest in general art, I love seeing the town portrayed in different ways, and art is one of those mediums, as would be say photography. About a year ago now, I discovered the Tudno Lodge Gallery on Church Walks run by couple Jim and Joan Roach, they house on their walls a spectacular collage of art, and have a excellent selection of local photography by local artists. I have become a fan of a particular artist which they host, and have since made 3 purchases varying from between £120-£240.00 which I feel is quite affordable.

Even if you don't buy, they do a nice cuppa and a teacake, and have a tranquil balcony setting if you want to sit out in the sun.

I hear the newly opened Tabernacle Old Bank Gallery are now doing art lessons, maybe I should give things one last try?

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