Monday, 18 May 2009

Eating out in Llandudno

I've made a real conscious effort this year to try and sample food from as many different cafe's, pubs & restaurants in Llandudno. My findings are as follows...

Editors Personal Review RATINGS 1-10

BEIJING CHINESE (Gloddaeth Street)
Service 9*/Atmosphere 6*/Food 7*/VFM 8*
Comment: Fast efficient service, can be busy and noisy depending on time, good food, good value.

CAFE KAVA (Mostyn Street)
Service 8*/Atmosphere 9*/Food 7*/VFM 7*
Comment: Superb welcome and duo friendly service from Ken and Monica, classy atmosphere, great choice.

COONEY'S CAFE BAR (Mostyn Street)
Service 8*/Atmosphere 7*/Food 8*/VFM 7* EDITOR'S PICK - BEST STEAK IN TOWN
Comment: Classy modern atmosphere, fast service, good traditional food, and good value. A good all-rounder!

KINGS HEAD (Old Road) 
Service 4*/Atmosphere 8*/Food 7*/VFM 5*
Comment: Very warm/cosy inside, lovely ambience/atmosphere.

No. 1 BISTRO (Old Road)
Service 8*/Atmosphere 6*/Food 9*/VFM 8*
Comment: Warm cosy inside, though some hard seating, friendly service and excellent food. Early Bird menu VFM.

PULP KITCHEN (Church Walks)
Service 8*/Atmosphere 7*/Food 10*/VFM 9* - EDITOR'S PICK - FOOD 10*
Comment: Friendly duo service with Ben & Bo Thai, top notch thai food guaranteed everytime. VFM!

SARAH J's (MOLLY'S) (Augusta St)
Service 5*/Atmosphere 5*/Food 9*/VFM 9*
Comment: The best known cafe in town, probably the best bacon buttie in town too!

THE ALBERT (Madoc Street)
Service 7*/Atmosphere 8*/Food 8*/VFM 6*
Comment: Gastro-style pub, modern cosy atmosphere, good service, good food.

THE LONDON (Mostyn Street)
Service 6*/Atmosphere 7*/Food 7*/VFM 7*
Comment: Gastro-style pub, good food and good value, sadly food service closes early.

Service 8*/Atmosphere 9*/Food 9*/VFM 7*
Comment: Mediterranean ambience and service, excellent food.

THE TOWNHOUSE (Mostyn Street)
Service 6*/Atmosphere 4*/Food 6*/VFM 9* - EDITOR'S PICK - VFM 9*
Comment: Well located in central town, excellent value for money if you're on a budget.

Tell us about your food experiences...


  1. Hi Craig,

    I was given your website from the hotelier where we're staying at and discovered your entry for this blog. We're just around the corner of Mostyn Street near the pier. The other night we went to the Mediterranean, I had Crema Polo as a main which was very very nice, try it sometime! We've also tried the Kings Head, very quaint and friendly inside, food service was a bit on the slow side, average pub food really and a bit overpriced. We're going to try the Seahorse sometime this week which has very good recommendations, plus I love my seafood.

    All the best, Paula & John (Northampton)

  2. You can't go wrong with the Seahorse, highly recommended here! The Thai Pulp Kitchen at the Parade is another one too.