Sunday, 17 May 2009

Doorstep Edibles in Llandudno

Wild Fennel found in sandy silty soil

Ever since I watched Channel 4's series of River Cottage hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall i've constantly been on the lookout for natural ingredients in the surrounding area. I've purchased several gardening books which have aided my studies and was pleasantly surprised as to how much there actually is on our doorstep. Whilst foraging local woodland i've come across Wild Garlic which is much milder than our supermarket cousin but has a fantastic taste, more recently whilst on one of our beaches I came across some Wild Fennel, distinct for it's aniseed like aroma and taste. It would be easy for me to tell you where to locate my finds, but the enjoyment is in finding it yourself, and exploring the wonderful surrounds of our town. 

Wild Garlic found in Local Woodland

When picking, pick in moderation, and research your find well before consuming, always follow rules to make sure the any fauna isn't protected or find out permissions with the landowner first. Besides herbs there are many other things to find such as fruit and some vegetables. Let us know if you find anything exciting.


  1. Nettle soup is very good, but wash them well before cooking and wear gloves for gathering.

  2. Does nettle soup have a taste of its own or is it comparable to something? Do you use the leaves or stems?

  3. Type Nettle Soup into Google and there plenty of different recipes. The young tops are used,and the flavour is quite 'green' tasting.

  4. Nettle tea is also great - taste takes a a little bit of getting used to but very enjoyable thereafter.

  5. 'Nettle' made me some of his special 'Nettle's tea' once. It was a very nice brew and had a Magner's Cider aftertaste to it.