Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Another Day, Another Ticket

The early bird catches its worm...

Parking has certainly been an issue of controversy lately, reported in the local press, various blogs and forums in the area. There is a terrible feeling in town that local residents, businesses and even tourists have had enough and there are calls for revisions in the enforcement laws and additional parking. Isn't it about time local councillors stand up and say something, i'm sure this will be a key issue with our newly formed Access Focus Group (Business Forum) so it is important businesses in town collaborate if we're to see anything done at all.

In the past 2 months, me and my partner have received two £30 fines for overstaying a few minutes on our 90 minute restriction whilst stopping for some lunch in Upper Mostyn Street, and an expensive lunch it was, having set us back almost £50 a time in total including the meals, it's a good job we had 2-courses and not 3! Sadly I can see where the business community is coming from, that's less money we'll have to spend on shopping or entertainments in town. Last year I was fined for parking my motorcycle within a similar parking restricted area, what amazes me is you can fit at least 5 or six motorbikes within the space of a car, if I'd of parked it on the pavement i'd of been exempt.

A few parking tips, if you are fined and you plan to stay longer, DON'T move your car, at least get your monies worth. If you need to stop briefly where there is a shortage of parking i.e. dropping off/picking up, double-park being sure not to cause an obstruction and there is plenty of room for vehicles to maneuver around you, traffic wardens cannot issue you with a ticket, only the police can move you on. If a warden is in the process of issuing you a ticket whilst you arrive at your car, quickly jump in and move on, the ticket is not valid unless affixed to your vehicle, so don't stand around talking.


  1. He's the worst of the lot---stomps round like a gorilla.

  2. I have a removable windscreen. They can never give me a ticket!

  3. Your parking tips are wrong!
    Ticket can still be issued if not affixed to vehicle , they (parking wardens not traffic wardens) usually have a digital image of any parking offence. The rules are quite clear for all to see and read.

  4. Thankyou Anon, yes you're quite right, this seems to be a relatively new clause. Which I guess if you're lucky enough to arrive the same time as the warden arrive at your car, get in and drive quick before they start to snap.