Monday, 18 May 2009

For the good of the Town

A couple of years ago I had the misfortune of leaving Llandudno for personal reasons, though if it was for not me having left, then maybe the Llandudno Local which I run, nor this blog for that matter would even exist today. Back in 2004/05 I setup a simple website called Old Llandudno Enthusiasts or Llandudno Enthusiasts for short ( On there you would have found an emerging collection of postcards which I collected at the time, my good friend Judith Philips rang me from the North Wales Weekly News and asked if i'd like to have a page to promote it. I kindly accepted, and from there it proved a success, the hits demonstrated there was interest and I took things one step further. I setup a community forum where people could reminisce in the nostalgia, which is why the present forum has a division 'The Local' & 'The Enthusiast'. The early 'Times Past' section proved a huge success and things excelled quite rapidly. It was initially funded by myself and member contributions, but later I turned this hobby into something more sustainable, it is now my pride and joy, my loaf of bread, and things are carried out more professional these days, but the essence of the site remains the same. I provide the town with a free to use online community service and my new magazine a platform, a voice for local people and charitable groups/societies which there is no charge, in return revenue generated through advertising provides me with an amicable wage. What doesn't help is individuals who choose to slate and slander me, for I have done nothing wrong, all I ever wanted to do, was do something good for the town. If there's one thing I could kindly ask the anonymous commentators on other local blogs and forums out there if you have any morals left, it would be to please stop the malicious rumours and nonsense before it begins to damage and threaten my livelihood for I depend this.


  1. Does not help when you delete comments and threads for no good reason.
    Remove posters accounts just because they have not posted for a few weeks, then this silly little spat with Oscar, then you delete his link, yet he was the most popular link that you had.
    CHILDISH, all of it.

  2. Firstly there is such a thing called 'pruning' some forums do this automatically to allow old content to expire, in the Llandudno Local it is done manually as and when we choose and it is done so without question as per our terms & conditions which certain new registrants fail to read. No inactive posters are removed, inactive accounts however are, as are spam registrants. I've had no silly spat with Oscar, just his commentators as usual who choose to personally attack anyone and everyone, he allows off-topic/uneeded comments to prevail which he should take his duty to moderate them, he has little control because he's scared of losing his readers, he's going to come down like a tonne of bricks very soon. I don't care how popular his link was on my site, when did Oscar ever provide a side-bar link to the Llandudno Local? My forum is no different to a public house, if I don't like the punters, they're out! I own, and pay for the upkeep and expenses, what I say, goes! If you think you can do a better job, put your money where your mouth is.

  3. The Llandudno & district forum is run and maintained by a Local person called Craig Ollerton, I do not know him, although we have communicated by e mail, he seems a fine young man, dedicated to all things good about the town and area, he also has a decent loyal following both here and abroad, always ready to share their views and general information.
    Indeed I would go as far as to say that the Llandudno forum has become a very powerful tool in the promotion of the town of Llandudno.
    Craig appears to keep a tight rein on the comments, does not allow too many outside interventions that would take the forum down a litigious route