Sunday, 19 July 2009

Dewberry Picking

Wild Dewberries

I'M ALL SET for the blackberry picking season next month, but I like to be one step ahead of those eagerly waiting to get first pickings. I've reported earlier in my blog the 'doorstep edibles' available to us locals here in Llandudno, to add to the list is 'Dewberries' which crop a little earlier than Blackberries and are presently available in small quantities on the West Shore. Not so far away is 'Sea Buckthorn' which produce yellow/orange berries with a distinctive orangey/peach cirtrus like aroma. Again I could divulge the locations, but the fun is really getting out and about, enjoying the flora and fauna around you, instead of being couch potatoes and watching it all on TV. Anyway, i've had my pickings so feel free to pick what remains :D either that or the birds will have them!

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  1. You can also make tea from the leaves.