Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Top of the Town

Well i've got to say, Upper Mostyn Street has seriously been upcoming in the past 12 months. In the coming issue of the magazine, there's a terrific double spread of various advertisers from this end of town, and i've been up this way quite a lot recently. It's been an absolute joy getting to know some of the proprietors personally. A few businesses really deserve credit, i've seen Merrymoon just down the bottom of the road change remarkably, they have a terrific selection of different gifts, one I can't quite remember the names of... naughty bears of some kind doing terrible things, but very cheeky, I might start collecting them myself amongst many other niche lines to their usual ailments and therapies.

As you look around the street, various cafe's/bars have some excellent flower arrangements, the London, Fountains, the addition of colour makes a real difference. Across you've got Cafe Kava, what a swish, clean modern atmosphere inside, Ken and Monica are a superb duo, they offer a class service. Either side of them you've got Grump'ys, they've given the shop a real old fashion and traditional feel inside, recently expanded their stock to include temperance drinks, D&B is a big favourite of mine as she knows, i'll be in to get some more shortly. The other side you have Sue and Maggie, two wonderful ladies, I admire them both for their good old fashioned values and honesty, i've learnt buying locally isn't necessarily expensive and encourage readers to stop buy sometime and take a look inside.

Across the way is the Little Deli, wow what a business that has come leaps and strides. I discovered them a year ago when Moulin Rouge shut down, and i've been going there since, they strive to produce their own homemade brand, and they've recently added Jams, Jelly's, Fudge and Ice Cream to the list, well worth stopping by.

A few doors away is the Handycraft Centre run by Wyn friendly chap he is, and has quite possibly one of the most impressive collections of fine quality teddy bears in the area, always a winner for valentines day with the ladies!

For the first time recently I stopped by the Gresham with a good friend of mine for a burger/coffee, I didn't quite know what to expect. I found the environment to be very modern, clean, and classy, the food and presentation was top notch, the coffee has to be one of the best in town i've tried so far, on par with the Summit in fact (love their coffee too).

There are so many businesses to name, and I don't mean to exclude anyone, but this street is racing ahead, I take my hat off to the traders here, they've faced some tough times in recent months and every bit of credit is due to them.


  1. Craig - you're being unbearably nice in this piece - I do hope it pays off when you're seeking adverts. for the next edition! :->

  2. Hi Chris, as much as it might seem my niceness is there to lobby further advertising, i've mentioned advertisers whom haven't appeared in this issue.

    It's very much a personal statement, if you'd of asked me what I thought of the street 2 years ago, i'd of had a different answer. This street is full of charisma, it's really beginning to shape quite nicely with the recent swathe of new businesses starting up. The shopping experience is superb also, typically on my way up I can be having a bit of banter with Sue at the fruit shop even if I only end up spending 50p on an apple and a bunch of grapes. If i'm still feeling peckish I stop by the Little Deli and on occasion they're trying out something new, be it a fudge or jam, they love customer feedback, so I partake in their taste tests quite willingly! :D Grumpy's have introduced a new line of bottled temperance drinks, D&B is a real favourite of mine!

    Well worth stopping by Upper Mostyn Street if you've not gone up that way for a while.

  3. Excellent write up of the street - you have captured the atmosphere well.