Sunday, 19 July 2009

Mediocre Portions

LAST NIGHT I quite fancied some fish and chips for tea, it had been quite a while since I had them last, in fact I can't remember, which is probably why I couldn't wait to pop down to the chippy and go get some. I stopped by a takeout in town (not my usual), and asked the counter assistant for a large chips £1.70 (I think) cod £3.00 and a pot of gravy. They were all wrapped waiting for my arrival for when I got home. To my surprise I was a bit shocked, the large chips only just level-filled a small white tray with a piece of cod no longer than 5 to 6 inches sat on top, and the pot of gravy was only 2/3 filled. I'd of normally gone back and complained, but I was already home, almost starved, and no fuller after the meal either.

Well, I guess it serves me right for trying somewhere different, I should of gone to Becky's instead where your guaranteed a real value for money local size portion whatever the time of year, not some quick buck holiday maker portion!


  1. Are you sure it WAS cod Craig? Some unscrupulous friers are passing off Vietnamese River Cobbler as traditional cod.
    Trading standards officers are reporting increasing instances of the river cobbler being sold as cod in one of the more unusual manifestations of the recession’s impact on our lives.
    For fish-and-chip shop operators, the cash differences — and the temptations — are huge. The wholesale price of river cobbler this weekend was £5 a kg compared with £11.75 a kg for cod.

  2. Name and shame Craig.
    These places that rip customers off will find it's a long winter!