Monday, 1 June 2009

Llandudno at it's Best

For anyone having visited the resort for their first time recently, Llandudno has surely shown it to them at it's best, it's polished up like an old brass penny. I've been very distant from my blog and website recently for this very reason and have tried to make the most of this fine weather we're having. Yesterday evening I took a walk across Nant-y-Gamar, the woodland air was refreshing and there was some interesting finds along the way, wild Sage growing in the shade, and even Blackberries were beginning to flower, it won't be long before they are ready for picking. I eventually pondered my way over to 'My Grand Mothers Chair' two pillars and a limestone slab which is well hidden, something of a forgotten tale almost and only found documented in old town guides, from there one will find the most spectacular views Llandudno has to offer. Panoramas sweeping from the Little Orme across Bodafon farm, and around the corner unobscured views overlooking the town and it's shores, combined with the sunset the view was truly amazing (see photo taken above).


  1. That's a fine photo. Are you keeping the emerging Rhyl Flats windfarm out of your photo's intentionally Craig?

  2. The windfarms look their worst from the pier end of the promenade, as you move toward the little orme end, they disappear out of sight.