Tuesday, 26 May 2009

West Shore Gold

Residents of West Shore could be onto a right little earner here, those soft fine grain wind swept particles are ideal for childrens sandpits in the back garden, I note Argos sell this stuff for £2.89 per 15Kg bag! Children's Play Sand 15kg Bag. Item No. 365/0574


  1. Maybe, except it is illegal to remove any material from the foreshore, also sandpit sand is quite different to that found on beaches.

    Otherwise spot on.

  2. It maybe illegal to remove the sand from the foreshore, but as most residents of the West Shore will tell you the sand ends up in their gardens without the need to go down the beach with your bucket and spade.

    It maybe a different type of sand but I'm sure that most kids would prefer playing in the same sand as they do at the beach.