Sunday, 7 June 2009

Good Luck Phil

Firstly apologies for my distance lately, for I have been basking away in the sunshine. Now that finally a dull day has arrived, it makes perfect chance for a spot of blogging whilst other bloggers with nothing better to do prefer to make the most of the finer weather by logging on constantly throughout the heat of the day. Each to their own as I say.

Anyway, let's start off back with something a bit funny.

I happened to be walking across Upper Mostyn Street the other day when myself and good friend of mine bumped into our old towns friend Phil of the Kings Head, known by many locals in and around Llandudno, Phil is a true character and squire and I always have time for a bit of banter and friendly chat with him. He was making his way up town so we accompanied him for a short walk as we were going in the same direction. Phil walked between myself and friend of mine, and just moments into our walk a ray or sunshine shone over him and the heavens opened... literally, and he was anointed with the towns blessing. Was it sheer luck that me and my good friend were missed by a fraction..., or then again for Phil giving us the best laugh we'd had in ages, was he the lucky one for getting a free half off us!

Cheers Phil, will never forget that one!

God bless you.


  1. Craig

    I dare you to run a poll on whether the seagull got the wrong guy!:->

  2. Now that's a real 'designer shirt'.