Monday, 15 June 2009

We're Almost There

Homemade Black Cherry and Almond Tart with Homemade Panacotta.
(Full recipe/how to in the upcoming Mag!)

FIRSTLY apologies to my loyal readers for the lateness of the current issue of the Local magazine. It has presented a tremendous challenge this time round and it is very much a learning curve at the same time. The magazine is projected to be somewhere in the region of 40-pages, the increase in size is part of the setback and i've had many sleepless nights playing catchup and devising a new schedule for the issue to follow thereafter so that it runs as sweet as a nut. It is a complete change from the previous newsletter, and the new format is quite refreshing.

It's a real community effort with local people doing their bit for the mag. Local business couple Emma & Mark Baravelli (The Little Deli) are featured residents of our new Food & Drink section and have prepared this Homemade Black Cherry & Almond Tart served with Homemade Welsh Honey and Vanilla Panacotta, this has to be the best perk of the job yet and I got the full joy of devouring it all in front of them both, the verdict, top marks 10/10, folks try this one at home! I've never really liked Honey or Blackcherries, but everything Emma seems to make, I somehow end up liking, they practically convert me everytime, if they do read this, I challenge them to my fear of mushrooms!

Likewise we have local celebrity TV/Radio chef Peter Osborne doing the main course, some great features, then there's the puzzles and games and prizes too!

Further announcements to follow for the Llandudno Local magazine, it's not too late to place an ad or send something in!

Once again, a big thanks to Emma & Mark & Peter with the Food & Drink section! Look out for it!


  1. Surely the reader will be the judge as to whether it is quite refreshing or not, if it ever gets printed.

    Imagine the Weekly News saying, nah it won't be out on Thursday, maybe next week...

    If you say you are going to do something, just for once, keep a promise and do it.

    Now that WOULD be refreshing.

    Bet this doesn't appear in the comments.

  2. Can I ask, why you anonymous parasites continue to read my blog and website if you've never anything good to say about myself or my achievements. Perhaps this blog makes a refreshing change from other foul blog you quite probably read? Well I can tell you there will be no foul play here.

  3. Can't understand why some people don't have anything positive to say about someone who is obviously working hard to achieve their ambition. Wonder if it could be because they have none of their own?

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  5. "Surely the reader will be the judge as to whether it is quite refreshing or not, if it ever gets printed".

    Yes, and I bet you will up at the crack of dawn in order to get your copy, just so you can find fault with it.