Saturday, 20 June 2009


SANDCASTLES great fun aren't they. I remember the ones I used to build when I was a kid, we'd dig a crater with thick steep sides all around making anyone standing inside feel as safe as houses. Sometimes i'd be competing with a few friends to see how long my construction could withstand the incoming tide before making an immediate retreat one the walls begin to collapse inward. Those were the days hey.

Deganwy is renound for it's Sandcastles so i'm told... sand grains will not stick together unless the sand is reasonably fine, the ideal ratio is eight parts dry sand to one part water. When the sand dries out or gets wet, the shape of a structure may change, and landslides can happen...

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  1. Takes me back to the day's of the Black Rocks. There was nothing like adding a spade full of Portland Cement, scabbed from Edward Boase Builder's Merchants to your sand & water. Watching the older kids break their toe's as they attempted to kick-down your castle, was very entertaining.