Saturday, 16 May 2009

Llandudno and Photography

I haven't looked at the town the same since I moved away back in late 2003, to eventually return home again over a year ago now. I don't know if anyone else knows where I am coming from, but I truly feel in order to appreciate what a wonderful place we live in, we need to leave for just a while, more so my generation as most people my age can't wait to get away, but theres a saying I hear that all return sometime in their life.

There are some remarkable architectural and topographical and even social features to be seen in and around Llandudno, for the 20 or so years that I lived here, i've seen more in the past year than anytime before that, moving away helped me to see the finer details which most pass day in day out not knowing they're even there.

There are many different perspectives to see the town from, be it from the beach, surrounding farmland and hills, or summits of the Little and Great Orme, it's hard to find anywhere else quite as photogenic as here.

I have since discovered the joys of digital photography, and am forever trying to find different ways to portray the common views around us, and seek out the things we see little of, I have since setup a Flickr account so anyone is welcome to enjoy some of the views i've taken, i'd also like to encourage any avid local photographers to share there own work on the Llandudno Flickr group hosted by good friend of mine SnakeCorp, there is well over a thousand images of local photography on display there.

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