Friday, 15 May 2009

Business and Heritage

If there's one business in town thats touched me most this year, it has to be Mis En Place (Upper Mostyn Street). It's a small deli which can be found half way up Upper Mostyn Street opposite Pound Stretchers.  They sell freshly made filled rolls to die for, a favourite of mine is Chicken, Bacon & Garlic Mayonnaise, you'll pay a little more than other sandwich bars, but the fillings are of the best quality ingredients using home roasted meats for example. You can easily be led to buying more than you anticipated if you clock eyes on their new lines of hand made fudge which they have several flavours to choose from, then theirs the homemade cakes and puddings, the Roulade is gorgeous, naughty but nice as they say. Run by Emma & Mark they offer a very friendly service with a laugh and a giggle once you get to know them well enough!

On the back of the shop wall they've recently had a stunning mosaic fitted by a local artist depicting the town through an archway overlooking some freshly baked fudge on the table to take your fancy. It's a very nostalgic piece and it's great to see a local business doing their bit to promote the heritage of the town.

I look forward to seeing their future developments and their business grow. They truly deserve it.

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  1. That's some fine artwork. Reminds me of one of the names the Victorians had for the town - "The Naples of the north".